About BdB

Bocca Di Bonifacio

We don’t want to be the “typical” Italian restaurant that serves pasta and pizza. We, instead,
offer you our authentic, and already “classic”, Italian gourmet hamburgers. It’s our original
and delicious interpretation, made with the best authentic Italian products, along with that
handmade touch, that makes our hamburgers irresistible.

As well, you can also enjoy fresh salads, cold appetizers, PDO Italian cheeses and cold cuts,
aromatic and creamy risottos, our always delicious pastas, bruschettas, homemade desserts,
and a carefully chosen and interesting selection of Italian and local beers and wines.

And, to top it all off, what could be better than a good Italian coffee, grappa, limoncello, or
tea? Make the meal a true pleasure for the senses. Enjoy a drink in the best of company. In
addition to all of this, we also have vegetarian and gluten free options.

Our restaurant has one of the coziest ambiences in Barcelona, and you will always be
welcomed with a smile that will make you feel right at home…whether you come alone, with
friends, with your partner, for a work lunch or dinner, or accompanied by your family.

You are always in good company at Bocca di Bonifacio.

Authentic Italian Burger

We are passionate about our hamburgers and we are proud of the cuisine of our homeland, so why not combine the two?

We present our authentic Italian gourmet burgers. An original and tasty interpretation with the best traditional Italian products with the homemade touch that makes them irresistible.

Hamburgers and much more…

Starters, Salads and Dishes

Because on hamburgers alone lives no man, we offer you the best variety of our menu.

All our dishes are made with the best Italian products and with that “hand made” flavor that characterizes us.

Wines, Beers and Cocktails

The best selection of wine and beer to accompany your burger to achieve a unique experience.

Additionally, you can enjoy the best cocktails at any time of the day with our most exquisite selection of spirits.

BdB People

Just excellent We went to dinner with my partner for recommendations from several people … We sat outside but because of the cold we had to enter, it was very busy but the staff immediately prepared a table.


Burgers 20/10 I live nearby and whenever I go to the subway I see it, until finally I have entered … I can only say that I will go again and again! The burgers they make are not from this world … recommendation, the TOSCANO burger.

Ma.jose N

Variety of burgers with Italian combinations, quality meat and very well prepared. Very friendly and attentive staff. A hit! We will repeat without hesitation. Highly recommended.

Mybll G

Excellent product quality, very cozy atmosphere and unbeatable staff. An ideal place to eat and dine with an excellent wine and some delicious hamburgers. I advise you to go through here … Surely you are going to repeat!

Anna Maria Adamo