Hamburgers and dishes lovingly prepared in the Italian tradition, with authentic Italian ingredients

Burger e altre delizie

Traditional Italian cooking meets modern cuisine

Our passion is hamburgers, and we also feel very proud of our country’s delicious and varied
cuisine. So, for those reasons, at the end of 2015, Bocca di Bonifacio Sardenya, a unique fusion
of tradition and modernity, was founded.

We create hamburgers in the Italian style, and with PDO ingredients, such as provolone,
gorgonzola, and ricotta cheeses, Calabrian salami, and smoked Buffalo mozzarella cheese,
amongst many others, imported directly from Italy.

And now we have opened a second location, and, from Bocca di Bonifacio Ausiàs March, we
would like to share even more pleasures of our gastronomy with you, so that you feel as if you
are in La Bella Italia. During the day, or at night…for breakfast, lunch, the aperitif, supper, or
even drinks, we are sure that you will find your Bocca di Bonifacio moment.

Our menu

Hamburgers, pastas, risottos, salads, bruschettas, cold dishes, homemade desserts, and a
selection of Italian and local wines.


Fine Italian dishes for more than 30 years!

Bocca di Bonifacio was born as a tribute to the strait that separates the island of Sardinia from Corsega, known as “Bocche di Bonifacio”, a cradle of great stories and legends of times past. Today, the legend is located at the intersection of Sardenya Street and Corsega Street in Barcelona, where Bocca di Bonifacio combines the Italian culinary tradition with the contemporary world. Enjoy our cozy atmosphere, a place to gather around a table to enjoy flavors, both old and new.

Our Clients

Hamburgers and much more in a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Just excellent We went to dinner with my partner for recommendations from several people … We sat outside but because of the cold we had to enter, it was very busy but the staff immediately prepared a table.


Burgers 20/10 I live nearby and whenever I go to the subway I see it, until finally I have entered … I can only say that I will go again and again! The burgers they make are not from this world … recommendation, the TOSCANO burger.

Ma.jose N

Variety of burgers with Italian combinations, quality meat and very well prepared. Very friendly and attentive staff. A hit! We will repeat without hesitation. Highly recommended.

Mybll G

Excellent product quality, very cozy atmosphere and unbeatable staff. An ideal place to eat and dine with an excellent wine and some delicious hamburgers. I advise you to go through here … Surely you are going to repeat!

Anna Maria Adamo